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About The Book

BOOK ONE contains information on all known variants of the M3 trench knife, M6 sheath, and M4 knife-bayonet, including descriptions for each knife. 

Book Final Dust Jacket 5-12-16 - Front cut
Book Final Dust Jacket 5-12-16 - Back cut

M3 Chapter

As it has been for many years, M3’s with either the M6 sheath or M8 scabbard are very high on collector’s wanted list. There are many M3 makers and variations to collect. The M3 chapter will show the variations, plus pommel, blade and guard stampings.  The correct M6 sheaths for M3’s and M3’s in the box are also included.

M4 Chapter

For collectors, M4’s represent an excellent area for collecting. Mint and boxed M4’s are still available at very reasonable prices.  The chapter on M4’s will show all the makers and variations, plus pommel and guard stampings. I have also included boxed M4’s.

BOOK ONE table of contents

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